5 Ways to Create Amazing Outdoor Spaces at Home

With Memorial Day Weekend in just a few days, the season for outdoor living is officially here! Create a sanctuary in your own backyard by incorporating some new pieces and adding elements to define your space. There are a lot of factors to consider when designing your dream outdoor living room—the amount of space you have, the local climate, and how much you’re willing to spend. Whether you live in the city or the country, have a small patio or a huge backyard, these 5 tips can help you transform your area to truly enjoy the great outdoors.

Find Your Furniture

Comfy chairs and sofas, a place to set your drink, and an emphasis on coming together are all it really takes to design an outdoor living room. Backyard getaways don’t have to reserved for large grassy lawns. Make the most of your deck, patio, or veranda by transforming it with chic and comfy furniture. When it comes to furniture layout, having multiple areas for people to sit is ideal. This can make your space seem bigger, and it helps create separate areas for entertaining. Is space limited? Opt for ottomans or poufs that can serve as either a table or a place for guests to sit.


What makes a patio feel more like a room? Accessories! To make one of the most of outside living, take a look at your patio or veranda similarly to how you approach a room. Consider flooring, light, pattern, and also appearance. Throw down a rug to both enhance the appearance and define the space. Today there are more and more high-quality, weather-resistant rugs for use outdoors in a variety of colors and styles to suit your tastes. Use blankets, cushions, footstools, and floor pillows to add a pop of color and also provide extra seating when needed. Finally, add potted plants, lanterns or lights, and textiles to enhance the warmth.

Opt for an Outdoor TV

Take your entertainer’s haven to the next level by incorporating technology into your backyard. Thanks to the modern convenience of flat screens, it’s easier than ever to hang a TV practically anywhere. There are several different ways to make a television work in an outdoor space, though it’s important to install them in enclosed spaces to guard them from the weather. You can integrate the TV into stone over the fireplace, place silver frames to the TV in order to add style, or simply hang the TV from the ceiling. Or, if you don’t want to splurge for something permanent like a TV, opt for an inflatable screen and projector.

Add a Fireplace or Fire Pit

Having a fire feature is a staple of any outdoor living area. A stone or brick fireplace is the perfect way to center your backyard living space around coming together. If you’re dreaming of creating a beautiful space for relaxing or catching up on a good book, a fireplace brings the heat! If you don’t have the space or the budget for a grandiose fireplace, finding a budget-friendly fire pit or building your own are both great options. A well-placed fire pit surrounded by plenty of comfy seats is a recipe for outdoor entertaining success.

Upgrade to an Outdoor Kitchen

While this project is certainly more involved than making a trip or two to the store, adding an outdoor kitchen can be a great addition to your home’s exterior living spaces. If you often have parties and family gatherings, an outdoor kitchen can make al fresco dining more convenient and enjoyable. This can range from a built-in grill to an entire backyard kitchen with sinks, refrigerators, and cooktops. Adding stainless steel kitchen appliances can be beneficial, as they are resistant to weather conditions. A great idea would be to put stainless steel appliances into stone or brick, which is a great combo between rustic and modern.