Are You a Rehab Addict? Check Out 5 Design Rules Nicole Curtis Never Breaks

Steal these tried-and-true home remodeling tricks from the queen of rehab.

HGTV's Rehab Addict is so...addictive! One reason why? Host Nicole Curtis' penchant for restoring old homes without cutting corners or wasting materials is a refreshing shift from the usual "gut it all" approach to home renovation. Why buy something new when you can restore something old for less? Whether you're planning a vintage restoration of your own or are just a fan of the show, read on to learn five tried-and-true design mantras that the queen of rehab never breaks.

"Only garbage goes in the dumpster."

Nicole saves EVERYTHING. When a new heating system was installed in this 1920s bungalow, the old cast iron radiator was repurposed for use as a bedroom shelf. By reusing and recycling, she saves thousands of dollars on her projects and maintains as much of the home's original integrity as possible.

"Figure out what was there, then do your best to restore it or replicate it."

Nicole is adamant about preserving a home's original architecture and charm. You'll often find her stripping carpet or paint to expose the authentic beauty of the wood or stone beneath. By doing so, she saves money on building materials and boosts the home's value. In this Akron, Ohio home, she peeled back dirty carpet to reveal gorgeous pine hardwood floors.

"Trends will come and go, so stick with a classic look that matches the era of your home."

The only modern or "trendy" pieces Nicole implements in her homes are those that can be easily replaced, such as furniture or wall decorations. She aims to keep all other features original or as true to the original era of the home as possible. In this stunning sitting room, beautiful vintage-inspired furniture is a pretty complement to the original bird's-eye maple trim and white oak hardwood floors.

"Keep it simple."

Nicole forgoes over-the-top color and accessories, relying instead on the inherent beauty of a home's architecture to make a big statement. In this small kitchen, sleek stainless steel appliances and a custom live-edge bar fit the scale of the space and add a modern touch without overpowering the original white cabinets, backsplash and hardwood floor.

"Take the time to do things right." 

A little elbow grease goes a long way. Nicole simply scrubbed and repaired the original tub and tile in this 100-year-old bathroom to create a beautiful, high-quality space at half the cost. No demo necessary.