Moving Day Cheat Sheet


  1. Schedule a mover - the good ones tend to book up fast! If you don’t have one in mind, ask friends for recommendations or search online reviews.

  2. Schedule a cleaning service to come after the movers, unless you plan to tidy up the home after the move yourself.

  3. Transfer your utilities or schedule the disconnect of utilities and installation of new services if you’re moving to a different city, since some cable companies get booked up weeks in advance. If possible, shoot for cable/internet installation the day after the move since you’ll be so busy on moving day and your timing might be unpredictable.

  4. Start getting rid of what you don’t plan to take with you. Start listing items for sale online or donating items.

  5. Acquire packing boxes, packing tape, and some bubble wrap. See if any friends or local stores have boxes you can take off their hands for free.

  6. Begin packing. Start with items you won’t need for a while, like winter clothes or books, and aim to pack a few boxes a week (or day) so the move doesn’t sneak up on you.


  1. If you haven’t already, label the boxes to indicate which room at your new home each box should go into. You could also put stickers or masking ta on furniture to label where it should go.

  2. Stock up on some bottled water and snacks, like granola bars, to help fuel you and the movers on moving day.

  3.  If you don’t have any handy, take out some cash so you can easily tip the movers the next day.

  4. If you have a pet, consider dropping them off with a friend or family member the night before the move so they’re not in the way or at risk of escaping on the day of the move.

  5. Put some essentials, including a change of clothes, medicine, and travel-sized toiletries, in an overnight bag so you’ll have basic necessities on your first night at your new home. You’ll be pretty exhausted and probably won’t want to go digging through boxes for toothpaste or underwear!


  1. Wake up well before the movers are scheduled to arrive and take a deep breath.

  2.  If you have a vehicle, consider putting breakable items and small valuables, like jewelry and important documents, in your car and transferring them yourself.

  3. Pack up or throw away any last-minute items like toiletries or perishable food.

  4. Do a final walk-through and look through all cabinets and drawers to make sure you got everything.

  5. Keep an eye on the movers to ensure your items are handled with care.

  6. When you get to the new home, label any rooms that correspond to box labels that may not be obvious to movers (like if a bedroom and study could be mixed up) to ensure items go in the right place.

Love this checklist? Print it out here!