7 Steps to Instantly Make your Home Feel Cleaner

A clean house can make all of the difference when selling a home or entertaining guests. Cleanliness is key to making your home comfortable, but there’s not always enough time to keep it squeaky clean and sparkling. By following just a few steps, you can give your space an impromptu facelift- creating the illusion of a freshly cleaned home!

Follow these 7 simple steps to instantly make your home feel cleaner than it really is:

1. Remove excess items from your home. The first step is to declutter. The less personal items sitting around, the more clean your home will look. Put away random papers on your desk, clothes on your bedroom floor, books you never read, and items that take up space but aren’t important.

2. Freshen the scent of your space. Nothing says cleanliness like the immediate smell of vanilla or pumpkin spice. By using candles, sprays, plug-ins, or oil diffusers, you can give the illusion of a clean house by focusing your guests senses on smell rather than sight.

3. Remove dishes from plain sight. Putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher will immediately make your kitchen look cleaner. If you don’t have a dishwasher, you can simply hide dirty dishes from sight until you have time to wash them or when guests leave.

4. Dust. Quickly dust any tabletops, countertops, televisions, and toilets. Dust accumulates in these areas, but can be removed easily for a clean and polished look. (Be sure to use-electronic safe dust wipes for your T.V. screens).

5. Sweep the floors. Crumbs and dirt collect on floors as occupants come in and out of the house. These crumbs are especially noticeable on hardwood and tile floors. Sweeping is a fast alternative to mopping that will still make your floors look clean.

6. Brighten the space. Pulling aside curtains, drapes and blinds will let in more sunlight. The natural light will brighten the space adding to the overall cleanly illusion.

7. Lint Roll. Guests may love the company of your four-legged friend, but the animal hair everywhere? Not so much. Be sure to lint roll the couches and pillows to remove pet hair before entertaining guests.

And there you have it! Enjoy a “clean” house without spending the entire day cleaning.
Check out how natural light, dusted countertops, and swept floors have helped make the listings in the photos below look more clean.